I entered the world of photography at about the age of 10, equipped with a 110mm rectangular camera, a roll of film, and quite possibly a smile on my face. While my subjects have changed from farm animals and ever-patient younger siblings to landscapes, skyscapes, and seascapes, and the setting has shifted from the Saskatchewan family farm to sites around the world, my passion for photography remains as strong as or maybe stronger than when I was gifted with my first camera.

The great outdoors is my playground. I love photographing everything nature, micro to macro. Nature’s beauty takes on many forms of wonder and I find myself immensely inspired by it. The Saskatchewan skyscapes are one of my favorite subjects. Driving along Saskatchewan highways has rewarded me with some marvelous skyscapes, including combinations of cloud formations and amazing variations of light. It is perhaps that inspiration that led me to choose “skyscapes” as a contributor name on iStockphoto.

Landscapes, skyscapes, seascapes, cloudscapes, beachscapes, prairiescapes, travelscapes, and an overall healthy helping of naturescapes… perhaps that wraps it up in a camera case.